Lost, Found and Delivered

Today, after the second service, I went to Vivocity for lunch.  I was going to eat at the Kopitiam food court and wanted to top my stored value card, which was when I discovered that my wallet was missing. I must have dropped it in the Star auditorium because that was the last place where I had taken my wallet out (for the offering).

Immediately, I went back to the Star and checked with the Information Counter whether anyone had returned a wallet. Negative. I was advised to search for it in the auditorium but at that time (about 3.30pm) the third service was in progress and the usher suggested that she would contact me near the end of the service (at around 4.45pm) and she will bring me into the auditorium to search for my wallet then. 

However, today (of all days) I had forgotten to bring along my mobile phone; as my home is just a half hour’s journey away, I decided to go home first to retrieve my mobile phone. During the whole journey back to home, I was praying under my breath and hoping against hope that I would get my wallet back today. I dreaded the prospect of calling my banks to cancel my cards and making a replacement identity card.

Finally, I reached home and as I rushed to my bedroom to unplug my mobile phone from the charger, the doorbell rang. My heart leaped; it couldn’t be, could it?  Sure enough, a lady stood outside the door and asked for my name… and then handed my wallet over to me! She had discovered my wallet on the floor but did not feel the peace to pass it to an usher and so decided to return it to me personally!

Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer. Thank you dear Sister Wendy for your kindness and going out of your way to make sure that I get my wallet back with everything intact. The Lord bless you richly! Hallelujah!

A Sick Happy Birthday

I fell sick last Friday; had a scratchy throat which degenerated into a cough the next day to go with a slight fever… No big deal except that it was my birthday last Friday.

In the natural, it would have been a miserable birthday for me but I was happy despite my feeling under the weather because I had already received the best birthday gift from God four days prior… I received a miracle, a prayer answered.

Three years ago, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a successful operation to remove a 2cm lump from her breast and thereafter went through a course of radiotherapy.

She now has to go for a mammogram every year and did so on 18 November. The mammogram looked clear and the surgeon was pretty happy with my wife’s state of health… until she performed a physical examination and felt a lump in my wife’s breast, near the same area as the previous lump.

The surgeon immediately arranged for my wife to undergo an ultrasound scan. However, the clinic was already closed by then, so my wife had to go for the scan one week later.

Meanwhile, my wife and I were feeling a bit down and worried. This is more serious than three years ago because the surgeon estimated the lump to be around 4 to 5cm which is double the size of the first lump. We also know that if my wife has to go for surgery, due to her previous surgery on the same breast as well as the estimated size of the lump, it is most likely that her whole breast would have to be removed; a devastating blow to any woman.

However, we felt deep within us a hope bubbling, trying to lift our spirits up. You see, on 17 November, the day before the mammogram, we attended Sunday service at the Star and Pastor Prince’s sermon in Los Angeles was broadcast. Pastor Prince preached mainly on the theme “As Christ is, so are we in this world” and during the sermon, Pastor Prince shared the testimony of a woman whose lump in her breast miraculously disappeared.

We took this as a sign that God has already sent His Word ahead for us to prepare us for the bad medical report. My wife in her phone message to me declared that as Christ does not have cancer, then neither does she.

During the week, I shared my wife’s situation with my GUFC mates and a few of us took communion together at the same time across cyberspace, standing in faith together, cursing the lump to wither and die, and declaring perfect health over my wife.

I have to confess that even after all that support, I still got hit by pangs of fear every now and then. My mind starts imagining how my life would become miserable with my wife gone and my eyes would well up with tears. I thank God that my little faith does not stop Him from working a miracle for me.

On 25 November, my wife went for the ultrasound scan. While the technician was doing the scan, my wife was cursing the lump under her breath. My wife noticed that the technician seemed to be somewhat struggling, so she asked the technician whether she was having trouble locating the lump.

The technician admitted that she couldn’t find the lump, excused herself and returned a short while later with a doctor. This doctor also couldn’t find the lump and called for a more senior doctor to do another scan, and again no lump could be found!

I tell you, this is the only time I didn’t mind two strange men male doctors poking around my wife’s breast. My wife’s surgeon later received the scanning report and confirmed that there is no lump but just a bit of fluid buildup. Hallelujah!

My wife said she had heard a number of lump disappearing testimonies in NCC over the years and wanted her own. Thank Daddy God that she now has her very own testimony while I have a Happy Birthday!  🙂

Kevin’s Grace Story

  • My Grace story by Kevin Ofware

    As early as 13 years old i had heard about Jesus and I wanted to be saved. The only dilema I had was that the gospel, which is not even the gospel that was presented to me was one that told me to quit every bad thing, stop listening to every secular music be good then come to Christ for salvation. I tried so hard to stop doing these things, I tried so hard to stop listening to secular music but my efforts only lasted for less than a day. In frustration I tried fasting and praying, I made several promises to God but still no help.

    After trying desperately but failing terribly I gave up and even hated church. Whenever my mum tried to persuard me to go to church I would always make sure all my clothes were dirty so that I didnt have to go. I would remain in the house and enjoy music till everybody else came back home.

    In 2011 God started stiring my heart and I suddenly developed a love for Christian programmes. Unfortunately all the programmes on Christian networks were law and works based. Some were so bad to the extent that they would be teaching on demonology. But God was working something good. I kept listening to all the stuff on T.V. Then one day when I was away from home enjoying christian programmes a saw a young looking preacher who said he will preach nothing but Jesus. Immediately I was hooked. I kept watching his programme destined to reign every saturday but because all the programmes were teaching on the tabernacle I didnt understand alot. But one day he taught on salvation by grace through faith and the righteousness that is by faith apart from works. The teaching was so radical that i thought he was one of the false preachers that Jesus warned us about. But something miraculous happened before the end of the sermon, pastor prince said if there is anyone who still does not understand what he is teaching they should read the Bible starting with Romans, then Galatians. 

    The following morning I read the Book of Romans keenly as if to prove him wrong, i read Romans 1,2 and by the time I had finished verse 3 i had believed the truth and had come to realise that he was teaching the truth. I believed and was saved. From then until now I have grown in Grace and in knowledge of Jesus. Life has never been this easy.

A Lesson from the Rambutan Trees


I have a confession to make.

I have been taking potshots at a certain radio DJ lately. Let’s call him G.

I started disliking him about 10 years ago, when he switched loyalties from supporting Arsenal to supporting Man U.  I myself have been supporting Aston Villa since seeing them on TV in 1977, through thick and thin and through ups (we were domestic champions in 1981 and champions of Europe in 1982) and downs (we got relegated from the top division in 1987), and the only thing to me that was worse than changing clubs was changing spouses.

Here was someone who was guilty of both.  Even before that, G had divorced his first wife (let’s call her K) in 2003 only to almost immediately start moving with another radio personality (let’s call her J1).

Then when I saw him and J1 sitting in the congregation on some of his Pastor’s DVD sermons, I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt, especially so when he took his pastors’ advice in tying the knot with J1 in 2004, rather than continue to live under the same roof as boyfriend and girlfriend.


the news broke out about 4 years back that he was getting divorced again!

Very soon after, he started seeing another radio personality (let’s call her J2).  What made it all the more scandalous was that J2 had a huge crush on G when she was just a poly intern at 17 and he was already 26.  The rumours going around was that he had broken off with J1 to be with J2.

This to me was the final straw.  It didn’t bother me so much that he was moving on from one partner to the next.  After all, many celebrities in the USA are famous for doing that, for instance, John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Tom Cruise, just to name but a few.

What bothered me was that he was sitting under the teachings of the best grace preacher in the world and yet was not possessing the grace message.

He was in essence giving that church a very bad name.

And hence the potshots.

On the evening of 16 Nov 2013, at 8:09pm, I commented on that radio station’s Facebook post “what glory is there in being a public success but a private failure?”

Public Success Private Failure

That must have really hit a raw nerve, because the very next morning, on 17 Nov 13 at 9:08am, I received a Facebook message from him as follows:

G:         Hey Malcolm! If God is for me? Who can be against me?

“Aha, here’s my chance to really give it to him good!”  I said to myself…

Me:      gd question. did he ask you to be a jerk too?

G:         And don’t use MY Pastor’s words against me ok? New Creationers are cool people of Grace. I’ll be looking out for you in Church! Perhaps I’ll get meet Mr Public and Private success?  You are exactly the kind of person who gives Christians a bad name. Simply awful and judgemental.

Me:      its guys like u that give newcre a bad name. perhaps u shd go to the other megachurch. i’m sure u’d fit right in

G:         Wait till I show Pastor this message. How disappointed he will be.

Me:      looks whos talkin bro. pot. kettle. black. go ahead. make my day. not as disappointed as he has been w u.  u cheapen grace bro. no condemnation but go n sin some more? 

G:          Ok Malcolm. You win. Blessed Sunday to you and your family.

Me:      a blessed sunday to u n your (present? current?) family too.  sigh. u n j1 could hv been a great testimony. pls dont blow it again

G:         You don’t even know what happened btw J1 and me? How can you judge?

Me:      i’ve heard her side of the story. lets hear yours then…

G:         Omg! Well done. Well for her sake, I will not say anything here. Fine. She’s obviously your personal friend. Ok I’ll back off.

Me:      1. K***,  2. J***.  1. arsenal. 2. manure. lets go for that hattrick bro. u r a legend.

G:         Just wondering, have I met you before? Cos you look familiar?

Me:      hvnt had the pleasure or honour

G:         Ok. Well blessed Sunday.

Me:      but why stop there? that woman had 5 husbands n the one she was living w wasnt her husband. go for it!

After sending that, I began to realise that I had gone overboard, so I then wrote:

Me:       sorry i went a bit far. that was a low blow. my bad. Jesus wouldnt speak to u the way i did. i’m truly sorry. be blessed bro!

G:         Hey, no probs.

Me:      say, u free for a dessert some time next wk? my treat/peace offering. i am prepared to hear your side of the story

That was the last I heard from G and if he didn’t want to tell me his side of the story, that would mean that he had no defence and I was right to conclude that he was truly a jerk with no hope.

Or so I thought…



Rambutan Tree

I have been living with (some would say living off) my parents all my life.  My mom went to be with the Lord in June 2012, and so I now live with my dad.  We moved here back in June 1978 and there are 2 rambutan trees in the front yard.

Over the years, the trees have been bearing lesser and lesser fruit, and became totally barren about 3 years ago.

Two weeks ago, on 2 Nov 2013, I was thus pleasantly surprised to find really red and huge rambutans growing, and just had to take a photo of them.

However, I did not even bother to eat a single one of them because about 5 years back, I ate a couple of them and found them not only small and tasteless, but that the flesh stuck to the seed.  That was a huge turn off for me and since then, the only rambutans I bother eating are those that are found in tin cans.

Then on the very evening of 17 Nov 13,  at 6:25pm, while we were having dinner, one of my dad’s care group members sent him the following sms:

SMS to dad

“Dr ML, Just tasted your rambutan. Fantastic!  Not only are they sweet, they don’t stick to the seed.  Thank you for giving the joy of eating fruit directly fm a tree.”

Dad showed me the message, and upon returning home, I had to try one for myself, and sure enough, it was delicious!  I never imagined that those trees could ever produce again, what more fruit that was the best I have ever tasted in the past 35 years!” 



Upon finishing off that rambutan, I sensed the Lord’s prompting

“Son, I restored the rambutan trees to their full glory, even after you had given up on them.

“Likewise, I am going to restore G.  Why are you writing him off when I am not done with him yet?”

Upon receiving the Lord’s chastening, I quickly repented and sent G a flurry of messages, telling him about the rambutan trees and ending with the following message:

“bro, u r going to be both a public and private success for the glory of Jesus.  start believing right and you will live right too!”

Grace’s Story of Grace

Grace Story

During our cg on 8/11/13, our cgl asked everyone to share the waves of grace in our life journey.  I summarized what I shared here.

Wave upon wave of Grace indeed!

The first wave came when I was still in a Law church.  I felt I was going to buckle under the heavy demands of the church and I cried to God to save me.  One night, in my anguish, the Lord appeared to me and I heard these words” you are saved by my Grace alone and not by works”. I felt from head to toes an instant warmth of love pervading my soul and I was so happy I asked the Lord:” how can I remember this moment forever?”  I heard:  I change your name to grace!

The second wave came when I still felt hungry and starved spiritually so i cried out to God for a Grace pastor and a Grace church.  In 2006, March, I came to NCC and heard for the first time in my life a true Grace sermon  preached by pastor Joseph Prince and immediately it resonated with the Grace encounter I had with my Lord !  I wrote to Pastor Prince straightaway as I was so grateful to God for giving me the true Grace pastor/preacher.  My life in Christ since was full of jubilant joy and rest in the finished work of Grace-Christ!

The third wave came in 2011 when I cried to the Lord to give me good fellowship and connection with like minded, true hearted Grace believers and He led me to Anchorvale cg!  I found the best cg in the world in which my life became complete in Christ as I behold the full glory of Christ’s mystery  in His glorious Body, the church! (Ephesians 5:27,32)

by grace lee