16/02/2014 Sermon Notes (Ps Joseph Prince)

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-CHINESE ministry. Healing and breakthrough. 23/2/14 @ SHINE auditorium. 230pm HK, 5pm CH

“100 days of right believing” devo is out. :)


Ps Lian (holy communion)

Reminds us of five loaves and two fishes- how God can multiply our little to abundant provision. Reminds us of Lazarus- how his two sisters were disappointed that Jesus was late but He had a better plan to raise dead circumstances, go beyond the natural, for His glory.

It is so easy to believe because the bible tells us that by His stripes we are healed. We receive the healing.

I am the righteousness of God. Blessings crown my head and I am highly favoured because of His shed blood. Amen.

Offering song:
“As we call out to dry bones come alive, come alive. And we call out to dead hearts come alive, come alive. And up out of the ashes we see an army rise. So breathe, breath of God. Breathe, breath of God, now breathe.”

Song title: Come Alive by Marie ??

======== PASTOR preaches

Newark attendance more than 10,000 people
Dallas Verizon theatre could only sit 6000 people and it was oversold more than a month ago. Everywhere they go, amazing response.

2y ago Ps was browsing through certain ministry websites, one particular ministry was also on TV so Ps went to his website. Particular topic on finances. Preached it for many weeks. It took Ps Darren more than an hour to find that sermon later. In that sermon, he preached about Ps P. Ps P always says the tithe belongs to the local church. Ours is the only TV ministry that states that. The other Ps didn’t believe that and said if there is a perfect local church then can tithe to that church. Then that other Ps went on to put down the local church. So many people watch Ps P on telly but can’t find a local church to attend that can continue to feed them. Some of those local churches undo the message of grace. In a Local church there is interdependence and accountability. Christian life cannot be lived alone. God led Ps to plant a local church in the States. Ps shared w Ps Keith and Ps Darren about this. Ps Prince has asked Ps Keith to lead that local church in the States. This was in Feb 2012. Planted a church in Dallas but kept it low key. Build leadership and P&W team from within. Three Sundays ago, our planted church started in Dallas!! Ps Keith has a strong gift of discernment. So taking time to handpick. No promotion on telly or word of mouth and there were 300 members attending already. Meeting at Westin hotel. :) Planted by JPM in America but NOT affiliated to NCC. Not funded by NCC either. Ps Keith is under the salary by Joseph Prince Ministries that doesn’t pay Ps Prince either. God has blessed Ps Prince’s intellectual property. Not paid in any other way. It is an independent church and it is best that way & this will be the first of many to come.
This was taken at the Westin. :)

Ps Keith is pastoring and counselling, marrying and burying etc, but the sermons shown are Ps Prince’s sermon. So the current sermon is show next week or next two weeks.

—– sermon starts

Last week summary:

Woman caught in the adultery brought to Jesus – only in G of John. Miracles of Jesus point to truth in Gospel of John. Rept adulterous nation of Israel who has forgotten Jehovah. And now the LORD in the flesh has come to her but she can’t see it.

He who is without sin cast the first stone—- Jesus could but did not. Jesus did not condemn her and told her to go sin no more. No condemnation because of the Cross. Theologians were upset with them.

Ps Joe Purcell said his father read an article by a Prof that said the next Reformation will be something that brought great joy to Martin Luther. Grace of God preached so radically that it sounds like blasphemy.

There are Theologians for and against the message of no condemnation.

Jesus gave her no condemnation to empower her to sin no more. Not to go and continue in sin. The church has it backwards. More they try the more they fall and the more they get trapped in sinful lifestyle because these wrong living is rooted in guilt and condemnation. Right believing. If u believe there is no condemnation, free to sin no more. If believe still condemned, will be trapped to keep on sinning.

Fred Stone- I would like to thank PP for writing the book. Addicted to alcohol for 31y. Had alcohol hepatitis of the liver. Lived so bad it threw his back out. Longest he went without drinking was 20+ y ago and managed to quit for 6w. Halfway reading Ps book, miraculously healed of the addiction. Threw out all his booze. He said, fear and guilt feeds addiction but when one comes to accept God’s grace and mercy, freedom is found through the power of right believing.

To preach the power of grace, needs anointing of the Holy Spirit to reveal the grace, mercy and loveliness of Jesus. Easy to preach law.

Jesus came to fulfill the law. Not destroy it.

Eg if u fulfill obligations paying off your debt to the bank, u stop paying to the bank.

Law points to Jesus. We have everything in Christ. Jesus had to bear the cost of the gift of
no condemnation.

Jesus didn’t come to condemn but that the world through Him might be saved. – John 3:17

Jesus saw the multitudes as sheep without a shepherd coz they are fainting and go astray. There are leaders today who see fainting sheep and say they are ill disciplined. The ones who are astray are finding excuse to sin. Not how Jesus sees it. Jesus sees them as sheep without shepherd. What do shepherds do? Feed! Not beat.

Eg 4yo boy dad who beats him and tells him to grow a beard. Can’t grow one until he is grown.

Some things come by growth and one day the dry leaves will fall off. Let this be our perspective of people around us. Feed them the bread of life. Tell them about Jesus.

Don’t put too much weight on people.

God is holy and must punish sin. But because God is grace and love, He didn’t want to punish it on u, so the sinless one died for u in your place. Hence John 3:16

Some people like to say I can stop this addiction anytime I want. But really, not that u can stop it anytime. U will find u are in bondage to it. Some are in bondage to depression and some are in bondage to porn.

U cannot with your willpower set yourself free from any bad habit or addiction.


U take away the H still have a bit.

Take away a and still have bit.

Only way to remove the I is through the cross (t)

Christ came to take the centre focus in our lives.

John 8:58-59

V57- The Pharisees missed the point. Abraham saw me. Not I saw Abraham.

V58- Before Abraham existed, I AM.

In Hebrew this is v strong. He is saying He is God in the flesh and that is why next verse, they picked up stones.

In the midst of the burning bush, Moses heard God. Who should he say the voice is? “I AM that I AM” What is it? Blank cheque. I AM your deliverer. I AM what you need.

Jesus went in the midst of them- they couldn’t see him because when u are full of self, will miss the blessings that are right under your nose. They couldn’t see grace.

Chapter started w adulterous woman brought in the midst. Ends with Jesus being in the midst.

Either Jesus is the Son of God, the I AM… Or u think He is the greatest liar. No middle ground. Cannot say He is not the I AM but just a good man. Good men don’t lie. Jesus said He is the I AM.

A staunch atheist when she died in 1713, on her deathbed, she told everyone there is no afterlife. “If there is life after death, it is as certain as a tree will grow out of my body when I die. If Jesus is real, may trees grow out of my tomb.” She died. Many years later (she was buried in a tomb made of marble slab), realised the marble slab kept moving and moved back again. Realised two saplings. Two solid trees came out from one root and became 7 trees. Oak, sycamore and something else lol. One of the largest trees in England. Tomb is

When she said those words, Heaven took her challenge.

If u don’t want His grace, blessing and healing, He will just pass by and He is so full of love, He will unleash to others.

John 9:1— if the self righteous theologians and Pharisees, He passed by them & unleashed His love on a man blind from birth.

Disciples asked who sinned- put sin in the centre. :( Sometimes when people face a trial or challenge, self righteous will come up and asked who sinned? (Yes, Adam sinned) But that is not the question. A branch of Pharisees believe foetus can sin in the womb.

Be absorbed by the light of the super abounding grace and not sin.

Brother u make light of sin.
Well, u make light of Jesus.

Why talk of Satan who hates u when u can talk about Jesus who loves u? Even Moses submit to Jesus. The Law submits to The Son.

Jesus answer? If there is a need, God will meet the need.

Stop saying why are u in darkness ah? Is it because u didn’t do this or that?

A preacher once said to his people, I want to pray for those w financial issues but pray first only to those who are tithing and right with God. It is like saying I am going to pray to the sick but only those who are well.

The need exists so that the works of God should be revealed. Want to help people? Not their background but Jesus who should be the focus.

John 9:6- As long as I Am in the world, I am the light of the world

As long as there is darkness, light cannot rest. As long as there is sorrow, love cannot rest.

Jesus spat on the ground, made clay and anointed the man’s eyes w clay— WHY? Remember we are made from the dust of the ground. Adam – comes from the Hebrew root word, ground.

U can be the most intellectual man in the world, and u will be a dust. Bury, wait a few years become dust. In SG, don’t even have to wait. Right away become dust. Not even medium well. 😀 (Talking about cremation lol)

When the soldiers came to arrest Jesus, He said, “I AM” & they all fell before the glory of God. He laid down His life. Not captured. If He didn’t lay down this life, no one would be able to take it from Him. The Pharisees couldn’t stone Him.

Spit- emblem of shame
Clay- flesh

God will humble himself to become flesh. The Word became flesh and dwelled amongst us. The God of the universe came to Bethlehem.

When u anoint a man’s eyes w clay, he usually becomes blind. So all the more u anoint a blind man’s eyes with clay, he becomes even more blind (lagi blind).

So why did Jesus do that? To demo to all those around that seeing Jesus in the flesh is not the answer. See Him as the sent one. Must wash in Siloam – sent. See Jesus not just as god humbled as flesh but as the one Sent in love for u.

Blind man was also a beggar. Asked him who made you see? Told them about Jesus.

Pics of pool of Siloam

Why uncovering the pool of Siloam now? Israel is losing its spiritual blindness.

The neighbours brought the blind man to the Pharisees. It was the sabbath.

It is important that every bible college is Christ centric. Not just into doctrines.

They also questioned his parents.

V22- why the parents asked them to ask the blind man since he is of age. Warned not to confess Messiah is Jesus.

V25- Blind man gave a wise answer. When ur friends come and question u with logic, tell them u aren’t as smart as them. I only know one thing- once I was blind, now i am free

The one w the experience will never be at the mercy of the one w the argument.

Amazing to see the wisdom of new believers before we spoil them w theological jargons. They see the light of Jesus. The more and more the blind man confessed Jesus, He grew in wisdom. Keep telling your friends and people about Jesus. Don’t be a secret Christian. The more u testify of Him, the more u receive. The more they reject Jesus, the darkness gets deeper.

Why the epistles strongest warnings are for those who hear of the grace of God and reject it. But the ones who testify of Jesus grow in greater light.

V29 “fellow” (it wasn’t in the orig but added by the translators…) They know where He is from. Lying. Micah prophesied out of Bethlehem will come the King.

V 30-33 — the blind man preached to the Pharisees!!

Self righteous people when they can’t refute what u say, excommunicate u.

But out was where Jesus found him.

Jesus asked him if he believes He is the Son of God. Jesus didn’t ask many this question and to them He gave personal revelation .

Blind man first said Jesus is a man, then a prophet in v17 and now in v36- called Jesus, LORD. In v38, he worshipped Jesus.

The woman in adultery called Jesus LORD— she was saved then.

Jesus brought this man from begging to worshipping. Brings us from the gutter most to the uppermost.

Woman at the well also had a progression.

1) came alone and Jesus ready to minister to her
2) she saw Jesus as a Jew
3) Jesus revealed to her. She called him Sir and perceived Him to be a prophet.
4) She realised who Jesus was and ran back to the town- IS THIS NOT THE MESSIAH?

Her spiritual growth was amazing.

When people understand grace, they grow so fast.

Many of us have so much bondage and wrong teaching from our past. What u are hearing now here is not as normal as u think.

Hyde Park- Ps was w Wendy and heard doom and gloom. Many years ago, a man preached about Jesus in Hyde Park. A man came forward and denounced it. Another guy came forward and said there is water flowing from the other side, but I have not seen it so I don’t believe it. I was told flowers grow here but I have to seem it so I don’t believe it. But he can’t see coz born blind. Asked the seeing man is it justifiable for him to say all these don’t exist coz can’t see it so doesn’t exist. Similarly he said that the man couldn’t see coz he is spiritually blind.

V41- If u really dunno, God won’t count your sins against u and Jesus will be your light. But now u say u see, u know v clearly, u remain in the dark.

The greatest knowledge u can receive isn’t from universities or many books but from the power and wisdom of God through Jesus Christ.

Life is just temporal and there is a life to come. Jesus has promised we will have life and have it more abundantly. Didn’t come to bind u but to free u.

Free thinkers don’t exist. U think u are free to think but your thinking has u- can’t stop self thinking of porn or gossip or evil thoughts. But whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

Many brilliant people boarded the Titanic or went to work at the twin towers. We can be brilliant but we know not what the future holds.

God can go into our future and stop every devices of the devil, but we have to ask Him first.

Prayer is an invitation to God to bless us. We have not because we ask not.

Confess not to embrace a religion but to embrace a reality- Jesus Christ.